We made it! 

Two flights and three alphabets later, I’ve arrived in Thessaloniki. Since my last flying experience (with none other than American Airlines) was less than satisfactory, I was thoroughly impressed with Turkish Airlines. Within the first hour we were treated with a Turkish Delight, hot towels, meals and overnight kits.

Chicken and pasta, what else?

We were the last to arrive but my amazing roommate was still up and waiting to great me when I walked through the door. 3am came around awfully fast decorating, unpacking, and meeting neighbors but it was worth the lack of sleep.

Our humble abode

A semi-early start the next morning included a trip to the grocery store, a walk along the beautiful boardwalk, and my first frappé!

First breakfast
View from our balcony
Pirate ship boat tour
Aristotelous Square
View from the rooftop restaurant

The European lifestyle certainly seems geared towards the night owls. Even as late as 10-10:30pm there were still toddlers running around the parks with their parents and night life was only just beginning. 3am snuck up on me again but getting to know people and places was much more important. Goodnight Greece! ??