A Few Final Adventures

I’ve never underestimated the phrase time flies when you’re having fun more than I did on this trip. I feel like I just got off the plane wide-eyed and unrested, eager to explore this new city. Now, somehow, there’s only 5 days left. While a lot of the last couple of weeks has been dedicated to final projects and studying, I’ve still found some fun adventures to make the most of my final two weeks.

Last weekend a few of us hopped on a bus and headed 3 hours outside of the city to a small town on a river. From there we suited up in wetsuits (definitely the best fashion statement there is), grabbed some paddles and went on a 3 hour rafting trip. Although some people were disappointed by the mostly calm waters and lack of huge rapids, I was quite content. And, even better, despite multiple attempts by our river guides to ensure that everyone on the boat got splashed by a wave at some point, I managed to stay completely dry  *insert princess emoji here*. It was cool to see a different, more rural part of Greece and the river reminded me of home. And even though my face appears to show complete regret in a few photos, I actually had a lot of fun.